300px-Xaldin Days

Xaldin is the Nobody of Dilan and Main Antagonist for Kingdom Hearts 2. He controls wind, and uses his power over the air to freely manipulate his six lances without holding them directly. He commands the Nobodies and Heartless.

He first appeaed in "Pandamonium" with an army of nobodies and Heartless as this armies fight Darkrai off and his fight came in defeat. Xaldin leaves before he told his name. Xaldin works for Anubis to find those keys with Darth Vader and Dr. Fintevus.

He made a cameo when they see Tzekel-Kan came in and believe he was working for himself.

Xaldin made final appearance when he's on a mission to the orbs with King Shark as Merman. He was able to fight off Garth and threaten Mera until The Majestic Guardians came and destroy him.