Ventus, also known as Ven, is one of the main protagonists from the video game, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. His name means "wind" in Latin.

He is a Keyblade wielder and the youngest member of Majestic Guardians. Ventus wields a Keyblade and he is the fastest and most agile, which reflects in his primary fighting style of dodging, quick movements and swift combo attacks. Ven's primary battle style consists of very fast, wide backhanded strikes with his blade in quick succession to deal damage.

He does have a darkside personified as the malevolent being named Vanitas, who sought to merge with him to wield a powerful weapon called the "X-Blade" (pronounced "Ki-Blade").

Ven's armor

Ven's armor


Ventus-Vanitas with X-Blade.