Sumomo is a laptop Persocom from the manga/anime, Chobits. She also appeared in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.


This pink haired, genie-like Persocom is cheerful and happy-go-lucky.

Her catchphrase is "Ai!" whenever she agrees to something or willing to do something.

She once belonged to Hiromu Shinbo but was later given to Hideki Motosuwa. She got along quite well with the full sized Persocom Chi, and another laptop Persocom named Kotoko.

As a member of the Magna Force, she acts as a hacker of the group as well as the group's mascot. She appears in "Orochimaru Strikes Back" where she and her team help Terrence in fighting Orochimaru and his band of controlled Guardians. She gets along well with Energizer and Brainiac 5.