Sellon is a Neathian and a main villain from the anime series, Bakugan.

She appeared teaming up with the famale villain group called the Female Fatale. The group put the men of Edenia to comatose but the female Guardians foiled the plot.

In reality, she is a member of the Anubis Empire, a group of villains who serve the dark god, Anubis.

In "Tripe Threat, She appeared again and revealed her true form. She summoned a Mechtagan Braxion to face Majestic Guardian who was overpowering them but defeated by Master Eraqus.



Screen shot 2011-07-04 at 8 01 29 PM

Sellon's True form.

  • Ventus Spyron
  • Ventus Braxion
  • Haos Krowll
  • Pyrus Deezall