Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is a young pink-haired kunoichi and a leaf village chunin from a popular manga/anime, Naruto. Being a ninja, she is highly skilled in the arts of ninjutsu as well as performing various illusions, healing, espionage and supernatural feats. She is constantly irritated by the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, who constantly has a crush on her. She does however, develops a love interest towards another ninja, Sasuke of the Uchiha clan, although Sasuke does not return the feeling. Along with Sasuke and Naruto, she is apprenticed to a ninja named Kakashi Hatake. Her main problem is that she is often short-tempered. But she is kind and loyal at heart.

After Sasuke's departure from the Leaf Village, she became apprenticed to the Sannin, Tsunade, from her she learned how to attain superhuman strength, as well as the art of medicine and healing.

As a member of the Magna Force, her skills come very handy. Her expertise in martial arts, magic, espionage and healing is what makes her a valuable asset of the team. She also has the ability to summon giant slugs, thanks to her apprenticeship to Tsunade.

In terms of her relationship with other members, she is constantly annoyed by Beast Boy, who constantly makes dry jokes, making her treat the changeling as a punching bag as she did to Naruto when they were young.

She does have a special relation with Aang, respecting him not only as a leader, but also as a brother due to them sharing some qualities in terms of having to cope with losing the ones they cared for or loved the most (Sasuke for Sakura, and Katara for Aang), giving them the ability to relate to one another and share a deep bond. She is always there for the airbender when he is in need of a counsel or a shoulder to cry on.

She also respects Superboy, as his dark, isolated personality reminds her of Sasuke.

Through the course of their adventures, Sakura became the most mature of the team, acting as the group's mother/big sister figure.

In her appearance in Majestic Guardians, she and her teammates act as occasional allies for Terrence and his team. She and the Magna Force first appeared assissting the Dragon Halfa in defeating Orochimaru and freeing the Guardians who under his spell, thanks to the cursed seal the rogue shinobi inflicted upon them. she also took in battling the Anubis Empire and is one of the many to witness the birth of Terrethang.

In Majestic Guardians X When Devil Aang came into being, she helped guarding Aang from the monstrosity. By the end of the series she is one of the many to witness Terrence's coronation.