Robin is a teen hero widely popular for being a sidekick to the Dark Knight, Batman. He first appeared in Detective Comics published by DC comics and was created by Bob Kane. Three people are known to wear the mantle of the Boy Wonder. The first is Dick Grayson (who later became Nightwing), the second is Jason Todd (murdered by the Joker but was resurrected under his new alias, Red Hood) and recently, Tim Drake.


Robin, the Boy Wonder


Robin as Nightwing.

In the comics, he is also known for being a member of adolescent superhero teams like the Teen Titans and Justice League's "Junior Division" (in Cartoon Network Young Justice).

Robin is an excellent hacker, martial artist and acrobat. He is very professional in technology and has an arsenal of technologically advanced weapons at his disposal.

The Majestic Guardians employ the Robin from Young Justice, so this version is Dick Grayson. He is happy-go-lucky and also sneakey. He can disappear without warning, leaving an echo of his mischievous laughter. His talents make him a valuable asset to the team.

His love interest is the Tamaranean princess, Starfire.

It has been stated by TDragon195 that he will appear in his Nightwing persona.