Risa, Daughter of Ares

Risa is a young Olympian ands a warrior girl and the daughter of Ares, the Greek god of War. She shares the same urge for battle like her father. However she shows great compassion and consideration for others. Despite this, she is quite tough and she masks her compassionate side with her fierce personality. She lived on Mount Olympus with the Greek gods and some mythological creatures.

As a child of an Olympian, she possesses superhuman strength, flight (thanks to the boots of Hermes), super speed, invulnerability to injuries and is likely to possess immortality like her fellow Greek gods. She also possesses a sword made from the bones of the Cronus the Titan, and was given to her by her father, allowing her to cut through any material no matter the solidity. She also has knowledge of Greek Mythology considering her relation to other Olympians, demigods and some of the Greek heroes.

As a member of the Magna Force, Risa is the toughest of the group. She at times acts before she thinks which gets her into trouble. She often comes into rivalry against her fellow teammate, Sakura Haruno.

According to the author, GabetheSaiyan, Risa is romantically infatuated with her teammate, Brainiac 5, who in return did shows signs of affection towards her, although rarely due to his intellectual, scientific nature. GabetheSaiyan also revealed that Risa is, in truth, a demigod with Ares being her biological father, but the author chose to not yet reveal Risa's actual mother.

She and her teammates first appeared in "Orochimaru Strikes Back" where she and the team helped Terrence, T'Chala, Ororo and Anansi to fight Orochimaru and his controlled Guardians.

In Vilgax Unleashed, Risa was shown to have a bitter rivalry with one of the Guardians, Torunn, who is an Asgardian. But this kind of rivalry was toned down after the battle against the Heylin Terrors, in which Risa challenged Torunn into a friendly Olympian/Asgardian duel, to which the Daughter of Thor accepted.


Considering there are a few Olympians and Demigods appearing in various stories, Risa's family can be named by following.

  • Cronus- Great Grandfather
  • Zeus- Grandfather
  • Hera- Grandmother
  • Hades- Great Uncle
  • Poseidon- Great Uncle 
  • Persephone- Great Aunt 
  • Ares- Father
  • Aphrodite- Surrogate Mother 
  • Hermes- Uncle 
  • Percy Jackson- Uncle (Albeit at an extremely young age)
  • Hephaestus- Uncle
  • Luke Castellan- Cousin