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Queen La

Queen La is the ruler, high priestess and the sorceress who rules the lost city of Opar. She appears in the Disney animated series, The Legend of Tarzan.

In "The Lost City" La had the Leopard Men engage in a man-hunt to find someone to be her king. But they ended up capturing the Guardian, Joey Wheeler, much to her disappointment. She was going to have Joey sacrificed until the Guardians intervened. She became attracted to Terrence and later treated the Guardians as guests. She later flirted with Terrence to make him her husband to rule Opar with her. But Katara, jealous, stated that Terrence has a girlfriend. Fortunately, Terrence is already dedicated to Katara.

La, in her rage, had the Guardians captured and to be sacrificed in her temple unless Terrence complies to her wish and becomes her husband. But the Dragon Halfa still refuses. Katara came to the rescue and the battle ensues between the Majestic Guardians and the Leopard Men. La attempted to use her magic blast to kill Katara, only for Terrence to deflect the beam, destroying the Queen of Opar. Terrence smashed her magic staff, reverting the Leopard Men to their true forms, regular leopards. Her city crumbled in the end, but the Guardians fortunately made it out alive.