Neyla is a villainous anthropomorphic purple tiger from the Sly Cooper video games by Sucker Punch.

In Majestic Guardians, she tricked the team into believing she is their ally and so asked them to guard the parts of the mechanical owl named Clockwerk. The other team called Precures were here to stop the Guardians in helping her, causing them to have a fight. But Darkrai and Miss Martian had their suspicions about Neyla and so they decided to help the Precures stop the resurrection of Clockwerk.

As soon as Clockwerk's reconstruction was completed, Neyla was about to put in the Chip of Hate to complete the resurrection, but Darkrai, Megan and the Precures stopped her in time. Soon the truth is revealed that Clockwerk is a powerful sort of evil and should he be resurrected, he will destroy the world. The Guardians, now allying with the Precures stopped Neyla and foiled her plan.