"Have you ever smelled your socks?! NOT PLEASANT!!!"

Katara scolding Sokka (The Boy in the Iceberg)

Katara is a female Waterbender and one of the protagonists from the popular Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. She comes from the Southern Water Tribe. In the series, she and Sokka found Aang in suspended animation and freed him. With her brother and Aang, Katara went on many adventures. She became Aang's waterbending teacher to aid him in his quest to free the world from the Fire Nation. As the series progressed, she became Aang's love interest. Katara's Waterbending abilities are very limited, although she has the ability to heal others.

She has a problem with the art of bloodbending because of her history. This stems from the fact that waterbenders are at their most powerful during the full moon and they will possess this sort of ability. She learned this from a old woman named Hama. But in the sequel series, The Legend of Korra, Katara abolished this art.

In the Majestic Guardians series, she later became Terrence's love interest and the two share a romantically strong bond. However her fellow Guardian and former Avenger, Wasp, is also infatuated with the Dragon Halfa. So it is unknown whether or not there is a "love rivalry" between the two.

She has an evil counterpart called Rataka, who merged with her, becoming a malevolent being as a result. But Terrence managed to to separate them.

Katara's reason for leaving Aang was revealed by Terrence at the end of Majestic Guardians Movie: Vilgax Unleashed and Majestic Guardians Origin. Aang's priority as Avatar caused him to neglect Katara. Heartbroken, she left Aang. And it is because of this incident that caused Katara to be afraid that Terrence will ignore her as well due to his current duty as king of Edenia. But Terrence promised the waterbender he will spend as much time with her and the Guardians and will not let his kingly duties come between them.

Since she and Aang are no longer together, it is unknown what effect this will cause in the future, and it is unknown whether or not Aang will still have children. But the author, GabetheSaiyan, promises to take measures to insure that Aang will indeed have children, Tenzin will still exist and Air Nomads are guaranteed to repopulate the Earth in the future.

Katara as an elder woman