"Brooklyn Rage!!!"

Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series)

Jonouchi Katsuya or Joey Wheeler is a character from Yu-Gi-Oh. He is an enthusiastic duelist, who claims dueling is about fighting to help people you love. He and Tristan were bullies to Yugi Mutou at first. But later on, they became friends to the protagonist. He also has a sister, Serenity. He also has some sort of rivalry with Seto Kaiba.

In the Majestic Guardians series, he is Terrence's close friend and one of the Guardians. He is shown to have a (rather humorous) rivaly with Darkrai. He also has a romantic relation with the fellow Guardian, Bridgette.

Joey is able to magically summon monsters and use magic from his deck. Among the monsters and magic he uses include...

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Lord of the Red (infused with Red Eyes B. Dragon)


Rocket Warrior

Baby Dragon

Panther Warrior

Alligator Sword

Axe Raider

Little Winguard

Time Wizard

Thousand Dragon

Flame Swordsman


Legendary Sword

Aura Armor

Kunai with Chain