Jill Valentine is a character from a video game, Resident Evil 5.

She appeared helping the Guardians and the Half-Saiyan Ultimate Lifeform, Ethan Tidwell, in defeating Albert Wesker. She became a member of Ethan's team, Ultimate Defender and has a rivalry with Zoey, Amy and Aqua to win Ethan's affection.

Jill Valentine

In Majestic Guardians movie "Bio-Broly", she along with Ultimate Defender and Majestic Guardians were invited by Demona to an island to face them by using Bio-men.

She's a childhood friend of both Ethan and Alexis Rhodes.

In Knights and Defender, She was captured by Team Rocket along with the other Ultimate Defender members.
Jill Valentine (Battle suit)

Jill Valentine in a battlesuit.