General Thade is an antagonistic anthropomorphisized ape from the film, Planet of the Apes. He despises humans and their ways of treating primates.

He first appeared at the end of the episode "Atlantis" revealing to be a member of Anubis Empire. He later made his appearance in "Planet of the Apes" where he allied himself with Mojo Jojo and and a band of intellectually enhanced primates. Thade then used the magic staff of the Monkey King to turn all the citizens of Edenia and Terrence's teammates into primates. But after seemingly beating Terrence, Po and Charmcaster, who are unaffected by the staff's magic, Mojo betrayed Thade and boasted about the fact that Thade is no longer needed. Eventually, Terrence , Po and Charmcaster managed to broke the staff and returned the "monkey-tized" people back to normal.


General Thade

was then seen with the trickster god, Loki, who is later revealed to be the traitor to the Anubis Empire.

He was last seen when he and Slade was absorbed by Prince Olympius.