These being are made from Terrence's blood and Nerokage's blood as well as the negativity of people's emotion and Alister's scientific work. There are more species and more powerful.

Blobbers: a basic form of Evilra. They made of green and black slime.

Vultcure: a winged demon vulture. they're fast and quick in the air, on the ground, they're slow

Bulks: a bulk demon. They're strong and have good stamina, but they lack speed.

Dracosaurian: A dinosaur-like dragon that is created from blood of, not only Nerokage and Terrence, but also Dragaunus (from Mighty Ducks), Dark Dragon (from American Dragon: Jake Long), and King Dragonlord (From Dragon Quest series), as well.

Splashers: tiny fish-like demons that traverse in swarms and attack at lightning-fast speed

Mentis: These are half-man and half-mantis. They come in swarm and they slash their opponents with great speed.

Raptor-slasher: Raptor like creatures. While they are not stronge, they can move at great speeds.

Fire-bat: eagle-size bats that can shoot fire. They are weak against water attacks.

Spike Bulls: Large bull like creatures with large spikes growing out of its body. can them like missiles.Alister created new Evilras but more dangerous and powerful than other one in Brothers part 1 and 2 in Majestic Guardians.

Shogun: a samurai/knight hybrid carries samurai sword and shield while riding evilras horse.

Mirage Shade: These creatures have the ability to disguise themselves as their victim's shadows, waiting for the moment to strike. They can even shapeshift into dark fogs while on the move. They have skull-like heads with the rest of their bodies covered in dark cloak and a black smog at the bottom.

assassin: they wield arifle-like sniper and shot their enemies with one blast.

Stealther: a ninja carries a blade and kunai to kill.

Elephantron: A largest demon-Elephant with four tusks, red eyes. he may slow, but powerful and it carry a lot of evilras.