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Ethan Tidwell

Ethan Tidwell (user: Batthan) is a half human and half Saiyan and an Ultimate Lifeform created by the scientist, Dr. Gerald Robotnik. He was raised in a spaceship called ARK where he lived peacefully with his creator, Maria Robotnik, and Shadow the Hedgehog his "brother" who is also an Ultimate Lifeform. However, he was forced into hiding on Earth when the ARK is invaded by GUN, who wished to shut down the Ultimate Lifeform project.

In Majestic Guardians, he first appeared as a proud challenger who fought the Guardian, Joey Wheeler. He eventually snapped out of his pride and later helped the Guardians fought the creatures called Evilras and the villain, Albert Wesker.

He later led his own hero team, Ultimate Defenders and became the protector of a city called Nexus.

He proves to be a valuable ally and friend to Terrence Silva. On one occasion he even fused with the dragon halfa to take down a demon named Janemba.

Ethan in Super Saiyan

Ethan in Super Saiyan

He made a cameo appearance in a four-parter episode where he and his team sensed Terrence's new found power.

His main rival is his teammate, the Saiyan prince Vegeta.

He is revealed to have two childhood friends; Alexis Rhodes and Jill Valentine.

In Majestic Guardians movie "Bio-Broly", he along with Ultimate Defender and Majestic Guardians were invited by Demona to an island to face them by using Bio-men.

Just like Ash, he also has Pokemon and trained them to surpass their prevoius limitations to make them stronger, faster, and endurable like a Saiyan.

Considering he has genetic materials of a Saiyan he is skilled in martial arts, ninjitsu and is able to use ki and is able to transform into a Super Saiyan and beyond. However, he also has moves inspired by the techniques in Pokemon.

Since he's also an Ultimate Lifeform, he is able to harness the Chaos Emeralds and perform Chaos Control like Shadow.

Ethan in Super Saiyan 2

Ethan in Super Saiyan 2

He also has Goku's singnature move Kamehameha due to having the cells of Goku's blood running in his veins.

In"Albert Wesker's Final Bout", Ethan learned the truth that it was Wesker who murdered his parents. In rage he fought Wesker but he was in disadvantage of losing his speed when transformed into Ultra Super Saiyan, until Zoey gave him gave him the confidence to fight back then he transformed again into Super Saiyan 4 and defeated singlehandly finished him off with the Kamehameha. Then He and Vegeta did the fusion techinque to become Vegethan and finish Wesker once and for all to avenge his parents. Later on he was seen placing the flower on the tombstone of Diane Tidwell and Hugh Tidwell with Lightning, Serah, Alexis, Jill and Ash at his side.

Ethan in Super Saiyan 3

Ethan in Super Saiyan 3