Katie Power/Energizer

Katie Power, a.k.a. Energizer, is a member of the Marvel Comics child hero team- Power Pack. Her ability is firing a projectile of energy blasts. She was given her power by a horse-like alien named Aelfyre Whitemane, who was on the run from an evil force of reptilian alien species called Sn'rx. Her outfit is made from unstable molecules, which appears when she's in battle.

As a member of the Magna Force, she the youngest of the group. She looks up to her teammate, Gwen Tennyson, as an older sister figure. She and her team keep around the Smartship Friday which belonged to Whitemane before his death. Friday acts as means of transportation equivalent to the Majestic Guardians' Bioship.

She first appeared along with her team in "Orochimaru Strikes Back" asissting Terrence , Black Panther, Storm and Anansi in fighting the rogue Sannin, Orochimaru. Since then, she and her team became among the Guardians' allies.