Chase Young is a wicked Hey-Lin master from an American animated tv series, Xiaolin Showdown.

He is an expert maritial artist and is also skilled in sorcery, as shown when he is able to turn many defeated warriors into wildcats. Considering he has an army of wildcats in his lair. He has supposedly won many victories in his lifetime.

He was once on the side of good, until he was tempted into drinking the soup which allows him to become immortal. However, the soup also gives him the ability to turn into a horrible lizard-like demon.

Azula is his love interest.

In Majestic Guardians, he first appeared in "Becca Lupin".

He also appeared in "Girls Rule" where he was only shown carrying Azula off at the end.

He later leads his own villain team, Heylin Terrors, in an attempt to destroy the Majestic Guardians.
Chase Young

Chase Young