Charmcaster is an antagonistic sorceress who first appeared in an American TV series, Ben 10. She also appeared as a villain in the sequel series, Ben 10: Alien Force.

In Majestic Guardians, she worked alongside her uncle, Hex, just as she did in the original series. Hex threatened her with death should she refuse to assist him in overthrowing the Silva-Black family.

She first appeared in her Alien Force appearance attacking the ninjutsu master, Tsunade, and trachie17 Tennyson, daughter of Ben Tennyson.

In her next appearance, she attempted to switch bodies with Terrence, only to end up in Katara's body. Her plan backfired in the end and is back in her original body.

It is later revealed she is actually Terrence's sister, much to the dragon halfa's initial disbelief. After asissting the Guardians in defeating Hex and save Sirius, Tsunade and Master Eraqus, Terrence comes to accept her into the family and the team.

She left the Majestic Guardians after defeating Lucemon. She then join Brandon's Team during Brandon's journey to Ba Sing Se.