BlackWarGreymon is a Fictional Characters from Digimon Season 2. He is a Digimon who is feared as the "Black Dragon Soldier". He believes in justice and does not approve of the evil acts of others.

He was once evil and tried to destroy Ethan, but his words reason with him and BlackWarGreymon joined the Ultimate Defender.

He and the Ultimate Defender helped the Majestic Guardian defeat Janemba.

In Majestic Guardians movie "Bio-Broly", he along with Ultimate Defender and Majestic Guardians were invited by Demona to an island to face them by using Bio-men.


  • Terra Destroyer: Similar to Terrence's Terra Force, he creates a massive sphere of energy and throws it.
  • Dramon Destroyer: A thrust with his claws.
  • Black Tornado: He begins to spin and becomes a tornado, then rushes into his enemy.