Garfield Logan, a.k.a. Beast Boy, is an adolescent changeling and a member of the Teen Titans. He is able to turn himself into any species of animals, including prehistoric ones. In terms of his personality, he is light-hearte

Beast Boy

d, care free and loves making (dry) jokes.

As a member of the Magna Force, he is the comic relief and a trickster of the group. This however mostly gets him into trouble. His habit of making jokes and his jokester-like attitude makes him a victim of being a butt of all jokes and mostly a punching bag for Sakura . But he doesn't mind, he considers the kunoichi his "New Raven". However, his animal factor does come in handy for the team. He gets along quite well with Aang.

He first appeared along with the Magna Force assisting Terrence , Black Panther, Anansi and Storm in battling Orochimaru and his band of cursed-seal controlled Guardians .

In the Devil Aang two parter, Beast Boy was with Sakura and Terrence at the Edenian Royal Palace, protecting Aang from his demonic clone, Devil Aang. At the end of the Majestic Guardians X series, he's one of the many to witness Terrence's coronation.

In Vilgax Unleashed, Beast Boy was tasked by Commander Fury to protect Edenia and King Terrence Silva from the former alien warlord, Vilgax who allied with the Heylin Terrors.  

It is stated by GabetheSaiyan that Beast Boy
Beast Boy YJ

Beast Boy as he appears in Young Justice

quit the Magna Force to pursue a carreer in acting in Los Angeles. 

TDragon195 announced that he is planning to use Beast Boy for his hero team, the Majestic Titans or the Alternate Reality version of Majestic Guardians. However he will use the version from another DC comics-based, soon-to-be-cancelled Cartoon Network show, Young Justice. How will Beast Boy appear in his Young Justice form is up for questioning as the Teen Titans version is currently existing in the "main" Majestic Guardians universe.